Calling all community champions!

Are you passionate about music, camaraderie, and spreading joy? The DC’s Different Drummers Marching Band needs YOUR help to make their upcoming events a resounding success!

**Water Distributors Wanted:** Are you a master of hydration? Do you believe in the power of keeping our performers refreshed and energized? We’re seeking volunteers to distribute water along the parade route, ensuring our musicians and participants stay hydrated and in high spirits.

 **Banner Holders Extraordinaire:** Do you have a steady hand and a heart for making a statement? Join us as a banner holder and proudly showcase our band’s name and message to the world! Your steady presence will help lead the way as we march with pride and purpose.

Whether you’re a seasoned volunteer or new to lending a hand, we welcome individuals of all backgrounds and experiences. Join us in celebrating diversity, music, and community spirit!


Ready to be a part of something special? Don’t miss this chance to be a vital part of DC’s Different Drummers Marching Band’s unforgettable performance. Together, let’s drum up some excitement and make waves of harmony!

You can see all our performances and sign up here.

For more information, please contact us at . Let’s march to the beat of unity and make a difference together!