DC’s Different Drummers (DCDD) Jazz Band is excited to announce the appointment of Joseph Nicol (he/him) as their new Assistant Director. Joseph, who has been an active and passionate member of the DCDD community since 2021, brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to his new role.

Joseph’s musical journey began at the age of nine when he first picked up the alto saxophone, the instrument that has since become his primary focus. His dedication and talent quickly became evident, leading him to play significant roles in both the DCDD Marching Band and Jazz Band. In addition to his performances, Joseph has contributed to the Jazz Band’s repertoire by writing numerous arrangements for 2nd Independence, the band’s offshoot combo.

Living in Washington, D.C. with his partner and their dog, Joseph has found a supportive and vibrant community within DCDD. His commitment to music and his contributions to the band have been invaluable, making him a natural fit for the position of Assistant Director.

The DCDD Jazz Band is thrilled to see Joseph take on this new role and looks forward to the fresh perspectives and continued excellence he will bring to the ensemble. As Assistant Director, Joseph will work closely with the band to enhance their performances and foster a welcoming environment for all members.

Please join us in congratulating Joseph Nicol on his new position and in celebrating his ongoing contributions to the musical and cultural fabric of Washington, D.C.