The Ames-Whitbeck Good Fairy Fund

What is the Good Fairy Fund?

DC’s Different Drummers is committed to being a community band where any and all people can work together to make music and have fun.  Everyone brings to the organization their time, talent and treasure.  We all bring these three items in varying amounts but all are equally valuable and necessary to the band.  In order to facilitate full participation in the band, we are establishing a fund so that those with limited financial means can fully participate and contribute to the organization.  Two former members of DCDD dedicated many years of their time, talent, and treasure to the Band and we honor their example by naming the fund after them – Judy Ames and Laura Whitbeck.  Without their dedication and service, we would not be where we are today experiencing phenomenal growth and participation.

Why do we need a Fund?

At various times in our lives, we have all relied on friends or family to help us out.  Sometimes we even received assistance anonymously from a “good fairy”.  DCDD does not want money to hinder participation in concerts, trips, and other special events.  The fund will help facilitate participation by all members.

How do I tap into the Fund?

Any DCDD member in good standing may request financial assistance for band activities from the fund.  To request assistance, a member may contact the President of the Band or their section leader.  Assistance will be provided as funds are available and at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  A simple request form can be filled out so that we may keep records for audits of the Fund.

Do I have to pay the money back?

You may certainly contribute back into the Fund should your financial situation change.  We do not expect financial restitution.  However, we require that for every $25 dollars borrowed from the fund, the recipient will reimburse the Band with an hour of service.  We will frequently provide opportunities for members to volunteer their time to the Band with activities such as setup/take down of rehearsal space, concert setup, logistical support, and the other myriad of tasks needed to keep our increasingly larger organization running.

How do I contribute into the Fund?

We encourage our members who do have the financial resources to share with others to contribute to the Good Fairy Fund so that we might help become an even better, stronger organization.  Since DCDD is a 501(c)(3) organization, contributions may be considered fully tax deductible depending upon your tax status.  Contributions may be mailed to the DCDD mailbox in care of the Treasurer, or given to the President.  Please mark on your check the purpose of the contribution.  We will also accept donations through the DCDD web page.

Need more information or have additional questions?

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