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DCDD members who have paid their dues or enrolled in the Good Fairy Fund (financial assistance program) each get a Microsoft Office account, which includes email, calendar, documents and cloud storage.

Use the Account Access Request Form to acquire your new DCDD Microsoft account.

For IT support please email our help desk at If you have any questions about dues or financial assistance, please email

If you have not paid your dues or enrolled in the Good Fairy Fund, please do so below under “Band Membership Dues”.


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Band Membership Dues

Dues for participation in DCDD allow you to join in as many of our ensembles as you like for one price. Our dues cycle runs from August through July of each fiscal year. Questions about dues may be directed to the Treasurer at

The new dues rates for FY 2018-2019 were set at the budget meeting of the Board of Directors for DCDD on July 24th, 2018 and announced to the organization on July 26, 2018. Once you pay dues, your are considered a voting member and are encouraged to attend all board meetings. They are good for one year only.

Financial Assistance Available!

Financial constraints should not stop anyone from participating in DCDD. We assist members who have need by offering payment plans or the opportunity to volunteer and work off dues through the Good Fairy Fund.  Please click on the button titled Good Fairy Fund Information to learn more!

Get Involved!

Do you want to Volunteer and be the backbone of DC’s Different Drummers success?

Then check out the Volunteering Portal on Microsoft 365 and sign up today!

Members must be logged into your Microsoft Office account ( to access this section of the Membership Portal. Email for assistance if you’re having trouble logging in.

Non-Member Volunteers

If you are not a DCDD dues paying member but would still like to volunteer then that’s fabulous! Thank you so much for expressing interest in helping us. We have opportunities just for you!

Click on the links to the volunteer sign-up sheets below and you can join our volunteer force today!

Anonymous Feedback

CLICK HERE for the Membership Anonymous Feedback Form if you are a dues paying member (ideas, suggestions, concerns, complaints, etc).

Feedback is crucial for any organization to maintain transparencyaccountability and integrity. It is also promotes success via innovation and creativity. Your opinions, perspectives, concerns and ideas DO make a difference and will be reviewed.


You must be logged into your Microsoft Office account ( Email for assistance if you’re having trouble logging in.