Symphonic Band Assistant Director Search and Position Information 

Search Announcement and Organization Information 

D.C.’s Different Drummers (DCDD) announces a search to fill the position of Symphonic Band Assistant Director. Applications are due by Friday, September 1, 2023. Full application details are included at the end of this announcement.  

D.C.’s Different Drummers is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ+) community, non-profit, music organization welcoming ALL musicians as it fosters pride, inclusivity, and engagement with the greater Washington, D.C. region through music.  

The DCDD Symphonic Band performs in the National Capital Region. The ensemble typically rehearses August – April at Capitol Hill’s Lutheran Church of the Reformation every Monday evening from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The group consists of 50 to 90 participating musicians. 

DCDD’s full membership includes over 125 people with additional ensembles that cover classical, jazz, contemporary, concert band, marching music, and color guard. We perform in the DC metro region and bring LGBTQ+ and allied musicians together for musical performance, educational and community outreach, and social connections. Most of our ensembles are non-audition and some of our members have not picked up an instrument in decades, so everyone is encouraged to join!  


Position Title: DCDD Symphonic Band Assistant Director  

The DCDD Symphonic Band Assistant Director will work with the Symphonic Band Director, DCDD Board of Directors (Board) and the Artistic Committee to help guide and execute the artistic vision for the DCDD Symphonic Band. The DCDD Symphonic Band Assistant Director is a member of the Artistic Committee. The DCDD Symphonic Band Assistant Director may collaborate and assist the other DCDD ensemble directors and any other recognized DCDD ensembles, to establish a consistent artistic vision for DCDD. Final artistic decisions will be left to the Director of the specific ensembles in question.  

Duties and Responsibilities 

Duties may include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • The Assistant Director shall serve along with the Symphonic Band Director on the Artistic Committee as appointed by the DCDD Board, and other persons appointed by the Board to develop and implement all DCDD performances. 


  • Assist the Director with the musical direction for the DCDD Symphonic Band through the selection of repertoire and interpretation of theme for each performance. 
  • Work towards a consistent level of quality and artistic excellence among all DCDD ensembles. 
  • Coordinate the use of guest soloists, groups, and performers. 
  • Assist in the preparation of the annual/season calendar. 
  • Assist the director with communication to membership and leadership.


  • Lead/direct a portion of each rehearsal.  
  • Oversee 10 Section Leaders in managing membership attendance records.  
  • Collaborate with the DCDD Music Librarian for the preparation and distribution of sheet music.  
  • Determine eligibility of members to perform based upon absenteeism  
  • Communicate and coordinate with the Production/Logistics Committee regarding facility and equipment needs for the DCDD rehearsals. 
  • Coordinate (or appoint supervision) for all weekly rehearsal logistics such as unlocking/locking and monitoring the facilities in conjunction with the Production/Logistics Committee.  
  • Be available to cover rehearsal(s) in case of Director absence.  
  • Optional/Encouraged – Be a performing instrumentalist in the ensemble. 


      • Conduct one piece (minimum) on each performance.  
      • Communicate and coordinate with the Production/Logistics Committee regarding facility and equipment needs for the DCDD performances.  
      • Coordinate equipment rentals, recording tech reservations, etc. 
      • Collaborate on front of house logistics with other DCDD leadership. 
      • Oversee calculation of concert attendance statistics.  


        • Act as a resource for smaller ensembles to help foster growth and musicianship. 
        • Collaborate with Membership Committee and Section Leaders on recruitment and retention of Symphonic Band Members.  
        • Serve as an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the DCDD Board of Directors following the same attendance policy as other Board members. If unable to attend, they may inform the Director/President that they are unable to be present. 
        • Act within DCDD bylaws, policies, procedures, and rulings made by the Board of Directors. 



        • Weekly Rehearsals for Fall (approximately 8 to 10), Holiday (approximately 4 to 5), and Spring (approximately 8 to 10) 
        • Attendance and participation in the Fall Band Camp (Friday to Sunday) and the Winter/Spring Rehearsal Retreat day is mandatory.  
        • Note about attendance – While DCDD Artistic Staff does not have a leave policy, the Director and Board understand the Assistant Director may need to request to miss some rehearsals/board meetings/events. Weekly rehearsals and board meetings can be discussed with the Director/President, however dress rehearsal, band camp, rehearsal retreat, and concerts are mandatory for this role. 


        Honorarium, Benefits, and Responsibilities of the DCDD Board of Directors in Return 

        • We anticipate DCDD will provide an annual honorarium of $2,500 – $3,500 which will be paid in four (4) installments. Please note that the 2023/2024 budget is set to be approved by the Membership in early August, after that time, this stipend will be confirmed.  
        • DCDD will provide a “Miscellaneous Reimbursement” in the amount of a minimum of $200 to be used for professional development to purchase books or attend classes or seminars in order to improve skills to the performance of the duties and responsibilities of this position.  
        • The DCDD Symphonic Band Assistant Director will not pay membership dues. 
        • The DCDD Symphonic Band Assistant Director will not need to pay for any meals/accommodations that may accompany Band Camp or Rehearsal Retreat Day.  
        • Honorarium payments are made in October, January, April, and July of fiscal year 2023-2024. Stipend will be prorated based on the candidate’s start date for the first year.  


            Minimum Qualifications

            1. Experience as a band director/conductor, assistant, or lead musician for 2+ years
            2. OR Experience in a graduate degree program that includes ensemble direction/management/oversight. 
            3. Experience supporting and working with the LGBTQIA+ community 
            4. Must be comfortable serving as a public representative of an LGBTQIA+ organization.
            5. Interest and ability to assist in developing an artistic vision for a community performance ensemble with goals to increase membership numbers, and develop musical skill and the quality of performance 


            Preferred Qualifications

            1. Degree in Music/Music Education or extensive experience in Music/Music Education 
            2. Experience as a concert band director/conductor
            3. Experience organizing and addressing large crowds of people
            4. Keen organization skills
            5. Background and familiarity with wind band repertoire and wind band composers. 
            6. Established track record of developing an artistic vision for a community performance ensemble with goals to increase membership numbers, and develop musical skill and the quality of performance 



            1. Excellent interpersonal/human relations skills
            2. Collaboration skills with DCDD Board and ensemble leadership 
            3. Strong/professional written and oral communication skills
            4. Strong organizational and time management skills
            5. Analytical and problem-solving skills
            6. Ability to compose, proofread, and edit concert programs
            7. Ability to organize and oversee volunteers
            8. Good with rehearsal and concert logistics 


            Application Process & Timeline 

            1. Submit application materials no later than September 1, 2023. (Link below) 
            2. Complete application includes submission of requested information, resume, cover letter, and contact information for three references that can speak to your qualifications for this position
            3. We anticipate interviews will be conducted via an online meeting platform the week of September 10 to 16. The number of rounds of interviews will be dependent on the number of applications received.
            4. Candidates selected to continue after interviews will be asked to conduct a portion of rehearsal on Monday, September 25 or Monday, October 2
            5. After interviews/auditions, an offer will be made to the selected candidate in mid October.
            6. The selected Candidate is invited to attend the Fall Concert on Saturday, October 28, 2023 (not required)
            7. The candidate will be offered to start on November 6 for the Holiday Season, or January 8 for the Winter/Spring Season.  


            DCDD Symphonic Band Calendars & Sample Program 

            Fall & Holiday Season – Click Here
            Winter & Spring Season – Click here 

             Notes – These calendars are common examples of the Symphonic Band Season.  

             fExample Programs

            2023 Spring Program
            2023 Fall Program
            2023 Holiday Program  


            Application Materials

            1. Submit application materials via Google Form no later than September 1, 2023.
            2. Information/Materials
            3. Name
            4. Contact Information
            5. Resume
            6. Cover Letter
            7. Reference List (Please include 3 professional references)
            8. OPTIONAL – Video Link of Conducting  

            Contact information 

            Please reach out to Meredith Carpenter, Past President, with questions related to the Symphonic Band Assistant Director search process at